Chattanooga - Sullivan Recovery
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Chattanooga/ TN
PHONE: (423) 435-0066

Without question, drug rehab centers are among the most important institutions in modern society. These facilities provide people with new chances for achieving happiness. Throughout the country, far too many people are trying to stop their addictions on their own. This generally doesn’t work very well. People often need genuinely professional treatment to address their illnesses. The intake interview is usually the first thing you experience when you enter a Sullivan Recovery substance abuse treatment facility. During this assessment, a staff member will ask a few questions about your particular situation and your recovery needs. As you pass through this phase, it is important for you to demonstrate appropriate honesty. In fact, it is fair to say that honesty is crucial throughout your entire rehab experience. Remember, if you can’t be honest with rehab staff, you’re likely not capable of being completely honest with yourself.

Many people who enter rehab go through detox. During this phase of addiction recovery, you spend a number of days in a restful, healing environment. Detox is a monitored place where you can safely tap into your inner reserves of physical strength. Over the course of detox, your body gradually eliminates any foreign toxins or chemicals in your system. Our addiction recovery center in Chattanooga, Tennessee has an on-site detox clinic. After your physical withdrawals and detox, you will be able to move forward to work on mental dependence. This is often a contemplative phase, a time when people can think about where they are in life and how they want to change.

At our Chattanooga addiction treatment facility, you’ll feel safe enough to share your thoughts and feelings with complete honesty. In each addiction treatment facility, you receive individualized care that is designed to meet your specific needs. This ensures that each person in the facility knows they are truly appreciated and understood. By helping people turn around their lives, Sullivan Recovery rehab centers have proven themselves as truly effective facilities.

A sense of focus can be helpful during the main part of rehab. Here, clients learn how to establish self-disciplined routines. Establishing structure is one of the most important parts of rehabilitation. In supervised group meetings, clients form friendships and learn how to cope with emotions while being sober. This positive socialization is ideal for helping people learn new methods of being social without drugs or alcohol. After all, most of the major scientific literature defines addiction as a bio-psycho-social illness. Within the Chattanooga drug rehab facility, clients come together in a supervised way to create their own supportive network.

Of course, addiction recovery facility in Chattanooga also employs one-on-one therapy appointments regularly throughout the program. Within these therapy sessions, clients work with qualified professionals to address the underlying issues feeding their addictions. In many cases, a co-occurring mental illness is complicating addiction treatment. Unless the co-occurring condition is treated, it can prove impossible to make real progress in achieving sobriety. This comprehensive approach is known as dual diagnosis treatment.

Upon leaving our addiction treatment center in Sullivan Recovery, the client’s addiction recovery plan continues. For a few weeks after leaving rehab, it is a good idea to focus on sobriety as much as possible. As you continue to meet with addiction professionals, you’ll learn more coping mechanisms you can use to keep focused on staying sober. Because addiction triggers will appear continually throughout daily life. This is why rehab clients typically stay busy with outpatient appointments immediately after rehab. Just because you leave the confines of rehab this doesn’t mean that your addiction recovery program has to end. Call Sullivan Recovery today to get started.