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Our Addiction Treatment Programs

It needs to bend to your needs and the requirements of your unique situation. Before you can do anything, however, you need to admit to yourself that you have a problem you can’t overcome or control on your own. Once you have come to terms with your addiction, though, you will be able to enter our drug rehab center for treatment.


Safe and Secure Treatment Facilities

No two people are the same, their addictions are always nuanced and varied, and therefore their addiction treatments need to be as unique. To fully receive the treatment you need, it needs to be completely crafted around your needs and with your well-being in mind. This also includes screening for dual diagnosis mental health issues.


Quality Care and Personal Guidance.

Nearly half of the people who struggle with an addiction are also going through an underlying mental health disorder that will exacerbate and contribute to your addiction if you don’t get it treated. When you come to a Sullivan Recovery addiction treatment clinic, you will have all the treatment you need to overcome this debilitating and destructive disease.

The professionals who work at our drug rehab clinics won’t be able to help you if you are not completely open and honest with them. Though the staff is impeccably trained and experienced, if you do not tell them the integral details about yourself and your condition, or if you are deceptive overall, then the experts will now know what way in which you need assistance. If they can’t figure out what is ailing you, then they won’t be able to help you.

In addition, dishonesty is a hindrance to the overall community atmosphere of Sullivan Recovery centers. We aim to foster an environment build upon trust, support, and acceptance, and you simply cannot make this work without honesty. Trust is not possible without it. The inspiration and motivation you can experience in this kind of atmosphere is extremely beneficial, but you have to show that you are committed to treatment and dedicated to recovery. Without being open and transparent, you won’t get the support you need to succeed.

You don’t have to any of this alone, come see what it feels like to receive true support at one of our esteemed addiction recovery clinics around the country. You won’t be disappointed with the kind of treatment you receive here. Call us today to get started and we will begin setting you up with the addiction treatment program that works best for you and your needs.

Understanding our addiction and drug treatment center


When you go to leave our drug rehab clinic, not only will you depart with the enduring support of those you have met, you will do so with the guidance of your personalized addiction recovery program. Come to a Kendal Recovery substance abuse treatment facility and you will have all the love, acceptance, and compassion you need to overcome this debilitating disease work towards a life of better things.