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Bellingham / WA
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The Importance of Signing Up For an Addiction Recovery Program
When a person addicted to drugs decides to pursue sobriety, a Sullivan Recovery drug rehabilitation center can come in handy. The center has lots of professionals and peers who can give you immense support to aid in your recovery.

Supervised detox
Unlike an un-monitored detox where you struggle alone to get drugs out of the body, supervised detox is what you need to succeed. Sullivan Recovery drug rehab centers understand that a client is likely to relapse once the withdrawal symptoms come knocking. As such, the client will undergo some tests and screenings at the substance abuse treatment facility in Bellingham, Washington to establish the cause of the problem. Once the professionals determine what you drugs you have been using and their side effects, detox can begin. The professionals discourage clients to attempt an unsupervised detox since it can do more harm than good. A client will also answer questions at the drug detox clinic in Bellingham to provide more information and make the recovery process smooth and enjoyable.

Dual diagnosis
It is vital for the addiction treatment facility to revise the addiction recovery program to meet the changing needs of their clients. In the course of treatment, professionals will establish the best course of action. As you struggle with the withdrawal symptoms, the professionals expedite a supervised detox to monitor your progress and revise the regimen accordingly. Since the Bellingham addiction treatment center will combine the therapy with the pharmaceutical treatments, the chances of success are always high. Remember that the addiction treatment center cannot administer any treatment without undertaking some tests. These tests will also include the mental health analysis. Even if the tests indicate the possibility of mental disorders, you should not lose hope.

Safety within the rehab
We keep our clients safe and secure within our facilities. Since the drugs can affect some people’s mental health, we take the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. Besides having someone looking after them at all times, we create a safe environment.

Community within the rehab
Since the route to sobriety is full of hurdles, the rehab creates several groups and support teams to encourage you along the way. Since everyone in the team is struggling with the same problems, moral support comes in handy. Joining such a community can give you the strength to fight against all odds.

Importance of speaking honestly in the rehab
Speaking honestly about your history with drugs is an indication that you are ready to turn over a new leaf. Honesty with such an issue takes a lot of courage. However, honesty is vital since it helps the experts at the facility chart the proper course for your recovery.

Individualized treatment
Considering that the addiction recovery center does not have a one-size-fits-all solution for addiction treatment, it is crucial to undertake some tests and establish an individual’s needs. Once the rehab center has completed these tests, we can develop a custom treatment plan that suits you. As such, the client will have a unique detox program, pharmaceutical treatment, and a follow-up plan. The treatment plan extends even when you leave the facility. As such, it is vital to furnish the facility with as much information as possible if you want to make the most of your program.

The process of rehabilitation
The professionals at the addiction recovery facility in Bellingham, Washington understand how to undertake the detox while taking the necessary measures to suppress withdrawal symptoms. The professionals will also find out as much as possible from this session by asking relevant questions. Besides detox, the process involves plotting the next course of action in the quest to develop a treatment plan that suits you. Once the professionals at the drug rehab facility establish your problem, they can create a regimen that suits your current conditions and make the necessary changes as you show sign of improvement. If you make great strides in your recovery, the addiction treatment will be adjusted to perfect the regimen accordingly.