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Newport News

Newport News / VA
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Without question, the addiction treatment facility is an institution that deserves plenty of support from the community. After all, these institutions help people evolve into more productive members of society. By helping at-risk people create lasting solutions, each addiction recovery program truly benefits the entirety of the public. After all, people who overcome addictions typically improve their readiness to hold down jobs, pay taxes, and otherwise function as productive member of society.

All of the drug rehab centers in the Sullivan Recovery network feature caring, skilled staff members. All staff are screened and certified to help people recover from addictions. These hard-working people sacrifice themselves for the betterment of their communities. This is why recovery professionals deserve plenty of respect and appreciation.

Upon entering a substance abuse treatment facility in Newport News, Virginia, you usually start things off with a short interview with a staff employee. These relaxed yet important meetings often start fruitful relationships between clients and rehab staff. Peace and amity in the rehab center are essential requirements for maintaining an environment conducive to recovery. Despite what some people might think, living with an addiction is not easy by any means. In the confines of the addiction recovery facility, you can finally find a measure of peace as you work on yourself.

During the initial interview, staff will ask you some personal questions about your addiction and your life. Please understand that you will only face questions that are directly relevant to your sobriety. For the sake of your own success in rehab, you should answer these questions with honest integrity. You can trust that the rehab will keep your personal information in the strictest confidence. Depending on your needs, you may go directly from your intake interview to the in-house detox facility. Previously, it was common for each client to visit a separate drug detox clinic. These days, most prominent rehab centers have full-fledged detox centers. The detox facility is little more than a safe, monitored environment where your body can expel toxins and chemicals.

Experts encourage people to detox in a professional facility. For reasons of safety and effectiveness, detoxing on your own is inadvisable. After your body is physically rejuvenated through detox, you’re ready for the mental and spiritual rejuvenation associated with rehab. The main experience revolves around multiple daily group meetings. These meetings typically include several staff members and a modest-sized group of clients, usually no more than a dozen. During these crucial group sessions, clients form friendships in a monitored, safe environment. Clients relearn how to have sober, supportive friendships. In addition to group sessions, clients have private therapy sessions with qualified counselors and mental health professionals.

To provide clients with their best chances for achieving sobriety, every drug rehab facility features dual diagnosis treatment. In the terminology of addiction recovery, a person with dual diagnosis is someone with addiction along with at least one other co-occurring psychiatric problem. Sometimes, symptoms of mental illness are caused by addiction and sometimes mental illness causes addiction. In these cases, achieving sobriety can lead to the reduction or elimination of symptoms. Also, mental health problems can be a risk factor for acquiring addictions. Rehabs work with trained professionals to ensure that all clients have the mental health treatment and resources they need. After all, it takes a stable mental state to truly get a handle on sober living.

Sullivan Recovery rehab staff works hard to determine the appropriate length for your stay. Although at our addiction treatment center in Newport News, Virginia, clients often stay for 28 days, treatment length is dependent on your individual factors. You should never underestimate the benefits of rehab. After all, it gives you a safe place to start working on your sobriety. In aftercare, you’ll continue the same kinds of one-on-one counseling and group sessions that take place in rehab. After leaving the addiction recovery center in Newport News, you can rely on aftercare to keep you focused on staying sober.