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Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City / UT
PHONE:(385) 630-4332

For many people suffering from addiction, the decision to reach out and seek professional assistance managing their condition is one of the most difficult choices they have to make in their whole life. The idea of going to an addiction treatment facility may be a little frightening or uncomfortable at first, but participating in an addiction recovery program in a warm and welcoming environment can produce positive results.

The Sullivan Recovery network of drug rehab centers is completely committed to helping clients make their lives better through comprehensive rehabilitation. Our programs address the underlying causes of substance dependency as well other factors that contribute to the problem. For our clients, rehabilitation at our substance abuse treatment facility in Salt Lake City, Utah is a process of personal transformation with the goal of achieving new motivation and strength in life.

Client-Oriented Programs and Treatment
Each person who walks through the doors of our addiction treatment center in Salt Lake City has their own reasons and personal circumstances that have brought them here. While there are many common aspects and therapies in our program, we also take the time to tailor the path towards recovery for every individual. We believe that this dynamic, hands-on approach gives our clients the resources they need to succeed.

As part of our client-oriented care, we also follow a dual diagnosis treatment policy to aid those with underlying mental health conditions. Unfortunately, addiction is often coupled with behavioral, social and emotional disorders that can hinder progress and increase the risk of relapse. Our trained staff counselors spend time speaking with each client to identify potential health concerns and guide clients towards professionals who can address these issues.

An Environment that Promotes Recovery
The safety, comfort and general well-being of our clients is always a priority at our addiction recovery facility in Salt Lake City so participants can commit all of their energy towards rehabilitation. We know that participants in a comprehensive recovery program are often nervous at first, and may be concerned about being away from home, family and friends for a prolonged period.

This is also the reason why we recommend clients come to our Salt Lake City drug rehab facility to break free from the initial hold of addiction. Rather than going cold turkey without any support, clients can come to our center to begin their addiction recovery under the supervision of experienced staff. They are there to help clients stay healthy and on track during the early stages of withdrawal.

The Importance of Community Support and Social Therapy

One of the main reasons to seek out an addiction recovery center rather than trying to recover at home is to benefit from the support of a dedicated, understanding community. The process of addiction recovery can be frustrating and difficult at times, especially when victims feel like no one understands their pain or struggle. Our clients are surrounded by other people who have had similar experiences and share their genuine desire to seek full recovery.

All program participants at our drug detox clinic take part in social therapy where they talk to a group of their peers with the guidance of seasoned counselors. Group counseling provides an open forum for discussion on a wide variety of topics to give clients a chance to express themselves to an understanding audience. Clients can gain a lot of valuable insight simply by listening to the testimony of others, which is why we encourage everyone to actively participate to get the most they can out of the experience.

Overcoming Addiction at Our Recovery Center
Whether you are suffering from addiction personally or know someone who is currently struggling with the condition, the best time to get help is now. We encourage all prospective clients, or those working on their behalf, to contact Sullivan Recovery to learn more about our tailored rehabilitation programs at our drug rehab center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our staff and facilities are equipped to provide a full range of therapies and to help clients pursue a lifestyle free from addiction.