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Peoria / IL
PHONE: (309) 296-0008

is meant to be lived with passion. If you are wrapped up in the chains of drug addiction, you are unable to pursue your passion the way you were meant to. You need to cast away the chains of drug addiction by making the choice to seek help from Sullivan Recovery drug rehab centers. When you make the wise decision to come to our substance abuse treatment facility in Peoria, Illinois, we will make sure you have the best chance possible of enjoying a lasting recovery from drug addiction.

Detoxing the Safe Way

It is madness to attempt making it through withdrawal at your home with no one around to support you. The safe thing to do is to come to our addiction treatment center in Peoria for supervised detox. Our staff of caregivers makes sure you stay completely comfortable while your system detoxes. Having a support system around you makes withdrawal so much easier. Starting off in our drug detox clinic in Peoria is the ideal way to begin your addiction recovery.

Customizing Your Rehab Treatment

At our Peoria addiction recovery center, you will enjoy the benefits of our customized addiction treatment. When you enter the drug rehab facility, we craft an individualized addiction recovery program for you. With this tailored treatment, you will maximize your chances of getting sober during rehab and staying that way in the future. Our staff will monitor you closely during rehab, adjusting the treatment when needed to ensure you make steady progress through the program.

Dual Diagnosis Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Mental illness is not uncommon for people who deal with drug addiction. To overcome the addiction, drug rehab centers need to provide mental health treatment for their clients. When you come to our Peoria addiction recovery facility, you will have access to complete mental health treatment if you need it. Treating mental health problems is crucial to maximize the chances of our clients achieving recovery that lasts.

Safety and Honesty

Inside our Peoria addiction treatment facility, we make sure that our clients’ safety is always our foremost concern. We do everything necessary to keep you feeling safe during your stay with us. In return, we expect you to be completely honest with us, your fellow clients in group and most importantly with yourself. Opening up and being totally honest about your struggles with drug addiction is the only way that you will be able to achieve the addiction recovery.

Group Therapy

Honest is especially important when you are sharing during group. You will attend group therapy sessions several times a day while you are at our addiction treatment center in Peoria. Our group leaders will guide you skillfully during your group discussions, leading you to breakthroughs that will help you recover from addiction.

Care Makes the Difference

When you are ready to stop using drugs, you don’t want to make the mistake of trying to do it alone. Our caring staff is here for you. They are an amazing bunch of people who will bend over backwards to help our clients. You can trust that they will always be there for you, pushing you to reach for your dream of a rewarding life free from the trap of drug abuse.

Aftercare When You Leave

As you walk out the doors of our substance abuse treatment facility in Peoria, we go with you. Our aftercare programs are here to make the transition to a sober life outside rehab manageable. With the structure you receive from our aftercare, you will find the strength you need to resist temptation and avoid relapse as you begin your new life free of drugs.

There has never been a better time for you to get sober. You know that you are ready to make the smart choice to seek help. Come to the Sullivan Recovery drug rehab facility in Peoria to find the help you need to leave drug use in the past once and for all.